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The Wilbert Foundation supports the Pediatric Chaplains Network -- a non-profit organization comprised of pediatric chaplains across the US and Canada that specializes in the care of children. Through the Pediatric Chaplains Institute, the Foundation sponsors grief training for professional chaplains hired into pediatric settings.

The primary goal of the institute is to equip chaplains with important resources to enhance their clinical skills and provide quality spiritual care to children and their families in hospitals or other healthcare settings. Specifically, training addresses age-specific competencies, spiritual needs and assessment, and end-of-life issues including bereavement support.

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How to be a Participating Hospital

Applications are restricted to hospitals belonging to the National Association of Children's Hospitals and Related Institutions (NACHRI) or hospitals that employ a chaplain belonging to the Pediatric Chaplains Network (PCN).

In partnership with Pediatric Chaplains Network and Wilbert Foundation, the Pediatric Chaplains Institute (PCI) training offers a program that includes information essential for spiritual caregivers working with children and their families in pediatric health care settings.

Chaplain Con Ed Programs

The PCI curriculum is delivered through six (6) weeks of asynchronous eLearning and a capstone in-person intensive week on-site. Curriculum topics include deep exploration of:

  • Learning to identify spiritual needs and spiritual distress

  • Developing an understanding of, and skills related to, spiritual/religious assessment

  • Age specific competencies: physical, emotional, spiritual development and related spiritual needs/assessment (infancy, toddlers, school-age, adolescence)

  • Medical ethics

  • Adverse childhood experiences and trauma informed care

  • Death/dying/grief

  • Professional boundaries, staff care and self-care

  • Practical application through simulations with professional actors


The training sessions are primarily interactive and multi-focal: presentation, small group, individual. Creative use of audio/visual materials emphasizes the learning objectives. Objectives center around not only developing knowledge and skill, but competency in application. Students are encouraged to share/teach from their experiences. ​

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  • How do I make a monetary donation?
    By giving to the foundation, you make a difference in a child's life and we are extremely grateful. Thanks to donations like yours, the Wilbert name is growing in prominence among pediatric chaplains and patients throughout North America. Donate Now
Caring Child

Peggy Ponder

M. Div. Board Certified Chaplain, Children's of Alabama

“I have a conviction that Pediatric Chaplains are able to touch a broad swath of the population, and I appreciate the opportunity to become better equipped."

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