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Hospital Kits for Kids Dealing with Trauma

New Kits Coming Soon

Child patients in the hospital are adding saline solution on hand , stand at the window.
Pediatric Chaplains

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide pediatric chaplains with resources to help children cope with the trauma of sickness, grief, and death.

About Wilbert Foundation

Bertie Bears from Wilbert Foundation

Meet Bertie

A small, lovable teddy bear who is the hero of the Bertie Bear kit.

501 (c) 3

We are a charitable 501c3 non-profit organization that receives funding from individual and corporate donors. These financial contributions allow us to have a direct and positive impact on children.

Tools to help pediatric chaplains.

Bertie Bear Kits

Wilbert Foundation has developed kits for kids that include Bertie Bear, a decorative box "home," as well as purposeful and fun tools that chaplains use to start conversations with children experiencing grief, sadness, confusion, or trauma.

New Kits Coming Soon

Helping Children

The Wilbert Foundation helps children in the hospital who are experiencing traumatic events in their lives.  We work with pediatric chaplains in over 250 hospitals across the US. 

Helping children with surgery.

Pediatric Chaplains

Wilbert Foundation works with pediatric chaplains to provide Bertie Bear kits to participating hospitals. These chaplains get the Bertie Bear kits in the hands of children experiencing traumatic events such as an illness, hospitalization, or medical diagnosis of them or one of their family members. 

Hospital Pediatric Chaplains

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Pediatric Chaplains








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