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    Helping children who are experiencing
    traumatic events in their lives.

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    Providing pediatric chaplains with
    tools, resources, and con-ed scholarships.

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    Funding from donors that allows us
    to have a direct and positive impact on children.

Our mission is to provide pediatric chaplains with resources to help children
cope with the trauma of sickness, grief, and death.

We are a charitable 501c3 non-profit organization.

The Wilbert Foundation developed the


A care item that directly benefits the children for whom our chaplains care. The box opens up into a playhouse providing Bertie and the child four spacious rooms to play. Chaplains disperse the kits through their networks aiding in interaction with new families, and the children keep the kits. Get the brochure.

Bertie Bear Kits

The kit is designed largely for chaplains to use with the toddler to school age child.
As the child opens the kit, they will notice that it is decorated
to be Bertie's living room, bedroom, and kitchen.


The journal is a wonderful way to encourage children to express what they are feeling about what is happening in their lives. The journal permits them to write, or draw, about it in private ways.

White Board

The magnetic white board allows them to place a feeling word at the top so that people can see at a glance what the feeling of the day, or hour, is. They can choose to write or draw the reason or not.

Spiral Notepad

The small spiral notepad can be used for many things: private prayers, questions for the doctor, or something else out of their creative spirit.


Bertie's Backpack is a wonderful storage area for those private notes and prayers.


Does the child feel as if she or he is in "pieces" because of all that is going on? What does she/he need to feel whole again? Chaplains could have a discussion similar to this as you are working together on the puzzle.


A finger labyrinth is included in the box. These are fun and simple and might be used with children while saying a simple prayer, or naming people they love, or identifying a worry they would like to release.


Stickers accompany the kit so that children can decorate Bertie's house as they want to personalize it and make it feel like a special home.

Coloring Book

The crayons and coloring book are normalizing activities and might give an opportunity to talk with the child about things they like to do, special people in their lives, and special moments in their day.

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The Wilbert Foundation supports the

Pediatric Chaplains Network

The Wilbert Foundation supports the Pediatric Chaplains Network -- a non-profit organization comprised of pediatric chaplains across the US and Canada that specializes in the care of children. Through the Pediatric Chaplains Institute, the Foundation sponsors grief training for professional chaplains hired into pediatric settings.

The primary goal of the institute is to equip chaplains with important resources to enhance their clinical skills and provide quality spiritual care to children and their families in hospitals or other healthcare settings. Specifically, training addresses age-specific competencies, spiritual needs and assessment, and end-of-life issues including bereavement support.

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Why the Wilbert Foundation Supports Pediatric Chaplains:

At times of terrible stress and grief in hospitals, Chaplains are a key line of support with children, siblings, families and even the nurses and doctors. Chaplains make an immediate, vital impact in hospitals day-in and day-out, but their programs are often under-funded. The Wilbert Foundation is honored to support the efforts of these caring Pediatric Chaplains.

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